Make Your Own 2 Ingredient All Natural Facial Peel

Nothing is as disappointing as preparing to leave for a date, party or wedding and realizing your face has become full of acne, black spots and wrinkles. No quick response team can get you out of this mess in time and you’ll have to avoid every photo session so that this doesn’t appear anywhere in future. However, earlier preparations to counter, or better off, avoid such situations are available to you with easy do-it-yourself procedures. You could always opt for high end beauty products and hope that they work for you but as always, before you get started on applying products on your skin, ensure that they wont leave you worse than you already are or spoil that good look you want to maintain in the first place. You can do this by contacting professionals and reading product reviews from a trusted source before use.

For those who are probably not ready to spend like a celebrity, there is a simple homemade remedy for simple skin issues that can be used to help out. Here is a step by step guide to make a facial peel mask that’s all natural and consists of only two ingredients.

What you need

  • Tablespoon of powdered gelatin (agar would work as a good replacement for those who’d prefer it over gelatin),
  • 1/2 tablespoon of milk,
  • A microwave safe bow.


Mix the gelatin powder and milk in a bowl and stir until it has consistency close to that of flour and water. This should happen pretty fast. When done, put the mixture with the bowl inside the microwave and heat on high for about 20 seconds. This smoothens the consistency of the mixture some more but could as well make the mixture have an unpleasant smell as well. For this, a few drops of essential oil or any good additive that can mask the smell without messing up the mixture will do.

Once you remove the mixture from the microwave, you’ll need to apply it to your face while still hot but ensure that its not hot enough to burn your face off. Remember to wash your face and hands before applying the mixture to remove impurities such as dust, excess oil and sweat and open up your pores for better results.

The overall texture of the mixture will make it easier to stick well on hairy surfaces of your face but with a little care and work, you can get it to stick on your whole face and that includes your nose, chin and any part of your face that could be affected by skin issues. Once you have successfully done this, you should find a good resting position and let the mixture dry evenly on your face for about 45 minutes without interrupting it. This will help much in ensuring consistency on the whole face when its done so ensure you pick a free day for this.

Make Your Own All Natural Facial Peel - Natural Remedies

Once he mixture has hardened properly on your face, peal it off slowly. Wash your face once more to remove any bit of the mixture that could have been missed and wipe your face with a clean towel. Your face might be red for a while but this shouldn’t be a course of alarm considering it was covered by a mixture for quite some time. The results rate may defer from person to person and if you find that the effects were minimal, you can repeat the procedure once in a while until you finally get a good result. If the mixture doesn’t work for you even after several tries, you are highly recommended to seek help from a professional to let you know what to do next. This homemade natural remedy is not known to have any side effects considering the products used are not reactive with the normal human skin but in case of any irritation or skin problem, medical assistance is advised.

So next time you’re having a chilled out day at home and would want to get rid of those troublesome skin problems or prevent them, just get the above ingredients and get on the road to fixing your face quick, easy and cheap with all natural ingredients. Remember to also share your results and ideas with the world.