DIY Butt Lift – Five Exercises for Awesome Looking Butt

As a trainer for over 15 years I am always asked by women, “How do I get a higher and shapelier butt?” Most women spend a tremendous amount of time on cardio and burning fat as a focus, forgetting or unaware that quality strength training and developing the gluteal muscles is what directly affects the overall shape of the butt. My favorite five DIY butt lift exercises for building a better butt have an extra bonus of aiding in the development of the quads and hamstrings and, when performed correctly and consistently, will take your butt to that higher place.

The key, as with any workout, is the ability to be consistent with a balance of upper body, legs, abdominals, cardio and proper nutrition. Try this two times a week with three sets of 10-12 reps except where stated with jump squats.




Targets: The glutes, hamstrings, quads and core

How-to: Step roughly three feet apart, keep torso erect, abs pulled in tight and lower straight down, without leaning forward. Push through the heel to rise back to starting position.

Tip: Take a longer step to engage the glutes more.


Fire Hydrant

Targets: The glutes and obliques

How-to: Start on the floor on all fours, flatten back, hold your abdomen in and lift one knee out to the side and up to hip height. No better way to describe it, except it is like a dog lifting its leg on a fire hydrant.



Targets: The quads, hamstrings and also aids in overall glute development.

How-to: Place feet shoulder width apart and hands at side. Mimic sitting in a chair while keeping chest high and lowering the torso till knee and hip are parallel to the floor and return to start position without locking the knees.


Bulgarian Split Squat

Targets: The glutes while quads are engaged.

How-to: Extend leg behind and place foot on a bench or chair. Squat down by flexing hip and knee of front leg until back knee almost touches the floor and return to start position.


Jump Squat

Targets: Quads. I like to add the jump squat to round-off the butt workout while activating the quads.

How-to: Start in a squat position and as you rise from the squat jump, reach for the ceiling. As you land, go into the next squat position to immediately repeat again. This is the only exercise to be performed quickly with the rest occurring after the decided number of reps. I recommend 10 to 15 repetitions per set.


By Debbie Davis, CPT, program director at Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts, San Antonio, Texas