Lift Breast Exercises

Every woman wants to have the perfect pair of breasts, but this desire elude many. Some women have sagging breasts and they may not know what to do about it. If you are one of those women and you want to learn how to lift boobs naturally, then you need to practice some simple exercises.

Perhaps, you still remember your younger days when your breasts sit perfectly upon your chest. But, as you age, that awful downward motion begins. Breast sagging is common among women and some have even accepted it as part of aging process. That should not be you lot. There are solutions and these are simple exercises you can do right in your bedroom.

Exercises that lift boobs naturally

Elbow’s Touch Boobs Exercise: This is a really good exercise that can make your sagging breast firm again. To do this exercise, stand up and place your hands on your hips. Keep your back straight up. Taking each hand around the back of your (one at a time), make contact with your opposite elbow and hold. Make it a gentle movement, not rash, hold on for about 15 seconds. Repeat this process up to 8 times.

Pressing Palms Boobs Exercise: To lift boobs naturally, you have got to try this exercise. It is easy to and all you need to do is place your palm on each breast and push your palms to one another as if you are praying. Try to press as hard as possible for about 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise for up to 10 times and you will soon get good result.

Pressure Boob Exercise: This is also one of the simplest exercises to improve the firmness of your breasts. The process is simple too. Simply position yourself before a wall and rest your palms against it. Align your arms with your shoulders and try to do as if you were trying to push the wall away from you. Maintain this position for around ten seconds before releasing. A set of ten repetitions is advisable.

Breast Stroke Exercise: This is done in a swimming pool and it is one of the best ways to lift boobs naturally. If you have got a pool in your home, simply plunge in and perform some breast stroke by keeping your elbows level with your shoulder. Do up to 100 strokes.  In case you do not have a swimming pool, you can do same motion on a dry floor.

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