Cinnamon Remedy for Diabetes

If you are diabetic, you would want to know just how good cinnamon is. It is a brownish and highly-aromatic spice that has a very distinctive flavor. It is consumed along with savory and sweet foods. Cinnamon remedy for diabetes is very common and it is due to the effectiveness of the plant in managing the condition.

Cinnamon has two main types – Ceylonese and cassia cinnamon. Both can be obtained from related varieties of trees. Ceylonese is commonly produced than cassia cinnamon. Many of Ceylonese are produced in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Seychelles, China, Vietnam, India and Madagascar. However, about two-thirds of the global supply of cassia cinnamon is produced in Indonesia. But, the main highlight of cinnamon is its ability to deal with diabetes symptoms.

Cinnamon Remedy for Diabetes

How cinnamon works on diabetes

If you are looking for how to manage your diabetes, you will find cinnamon useful.  You can use cinnamon to cheat on a blood glucose test for diabetes. Doing this can be simple. You may take a sugary drink test to see how well your body puts your glucose level under control. If you want to blunt the glucose spike, just consume two teaspoons of cinnamon up to 12 hours before the test.

Cinnamon remedy for diabetes can cut glucose levels by up to 30% in your body. If your glucose level is high, within a few days of taking cinnamon, you will discover that your glucose level has dropped by nearly 0.5mmol/l (9mg/l) or about 8%. This is a significant drop that cinnamon can help you to achieve. Controlling your blood glucose levels if you are diabetic and this what cinnamon can do.

Several studies conducted on cinnamon have shown that it has the ability to increase insulin sensitivity. As you know, one of the causes of diabetes is insulin resistance. This happens when the body rejects the insulin produced by the pancreas. By taking cinnamon, you will be helped to fight against insulin resistance and reduce your blood sugar level.

However, when using cinnamon remedy for diabetes, care must be taken. This is because cassia cinnamon that is mostly used for diabetes management contains a compound called “coumarin.” This compound in cassia can be toxic to the liver and can intermingle with blood thinners if taken frequently. It is wise to exercise caution when using this cinnamon because you could be at risk of developing liver toxicity.