Foods that Lower Blood Sugar

If you are at risk of developing diabetes or you are already diabetic, it would be beneficial to learn about foods that can lower blood sugar in your body. Adjusting eating habit as a diabetic is very important to managing the condition. There are some foods that can help you to reduce blood sugar. Let us look at these foods.

6. Brussel Sprout

This is one of the best foods to lower blood sugar. Brussel sprout juice is a fantastic juice for lowering blood sugar level in the body. Also, the juice can stimulate the insulin production which results into a low blood sugar.

5. Bean Decoction

Bean Decoction is another good food that works well for diabetics. It is a very effective medicine. You can prepare it by removing seeds of 50 gm fresh beans. Then, you proceed to boiling the beans for up to 3 hours in 3 ½ liters water. It is advisable for diabetics to drink a glass of this mixture after every 2 hours for about 6 weeks. It is better to prepare the decoctions every day because it can lose its blood sugar lowering property and capacity.

Foods that Lower Blood Sugar

4. Soya Bean

If you are diabetic and you are eating soya bean regularly, you would have noticed its amazing effect on your condition. Soya bean can keep the level of blood sugar and urine in control. The carbohydrate content in soya bean is low, but it is rich in protein.

3. French bean

French beans, also known as kidney beans, are a great food choice for those with diabetes condition. If properly cooked, French beans can produce delicious taste. This food is rich in proteins and fiber and it contains some complex carbohydrates too. No doubt, French beans can be very effective for diabetes condition and have been recommended by doctors to diabetics for the purpose of lowering blood glucose levels.

2. Lettuce

Lettuce is another ideal food to lower blood sugar in the body. It has low carbohydrate and cholesterol. It is a known fact that foods that have lower level of cholesterol can help diabetics to keep the cardiovascular problems in check.


1. Onion

You can also take onion, whether cooked or raw, to deal with symptoms of diabetes. Onion can lower blood sugar level in the body. It has a compound that is useful for producing insulin.

The above are some of the foods that are known to help greatly to manage diabetes condition.