4 Easy and Tasty Natural Laxatives

Constipation is serious issue. And there is no worst feeling that not been able to go when you have to get going. That’s why laxatives exist. But sometimes these medications can be expensive or come with their own set of problems or side effects. Because of this, some of us opt to rush for the kitchen instead of the drugstore.

Here are 4 delicious and easy natural laxatives you must include in your daily nutrition.

4. Spicy Food, Mainly Curry

If you have a taste for spicy food, you feel free to incorporate it in your daily routine to prevent and treat slight constipation. Indian food, especially curry based, is good to stimulate bowel movement and keep you healthy. Consume spicy food 2 to 3 times a day and there should be no problem in the digestive department.

Here are 4 delicious and easy natural laxatives you must include in your daily nutrition.

3. Coffee and Honey

There is no secret that coffee improves your digestion, acting as natural diuretic. A lot of my friends get their day going with a good cup of joe to wake them up and boots their metabolism. Mix this with a bit of honey and you have a winning combination to keeping your bathroom habits regular. The recommended dietary complement is to take one cup sweetened with a teaspoon of honey before each meal. If you’re not much of a caffeine gal, you can replace it with tea and it will have similar effects. Now this works on a daily basis to avoid constipation or treat minor one, don’t expect immediate relief or to be effective if you are badly constipated.

2. Plums and Prune Juice

If you don’t have an affinity for hot beverages and want to try a fruitier alternatives, dried plums and prune juice can be what you’re looking for. With a high content fiber, dried plums help the digestive system process food better and to overall health. The Mayo clinic assures that prune juice is an effective laxative in mild cases of constipation. Their recommended dosage is 2 to 4 ounces in the morning for children and 4 to 8 for adults, and to limit your intake of dried plums to one portion a day. Within the first of second day of this treatment, you will start to see some improvement in your digestive tract.

1. Tamarind juice

The best remedies are always found in old wisdom. Popular in India as a flavoring agent, tamarind extract has some amazing properties to aid you with any problems you may have in the restroom. This fruit has a high vitamin C and in commonly used as a natural laxative in many Asian countries, including China and Thailand. All that said, you need to be a little careful when drinking it, otherwise you will end up with a bad case of diarrhea. For a severe constipation, drink a glass of juice before you go to sleep and one when you wake up. Within the first day you should be able to have encouraging results.

Using these natural laxatives you will be able to get relief and be able to go on with your day. Remember, don’t exaggerate their use and consult a doctor if necessary. So, get set and beat this.